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Good Conference Phone Can Boost You Business Advantages

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Many people know realistic, natural audio is predominantly only available in highly-controlled environments such as dedicated telepresence suites, But for  massive use, these technologies were costy and seems unbearable to some small business, as outfitting one meeting space costed tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Today, many of these technologies are available at an affordable cost as standard features in conference room system solutions and in some conference phones or conference speakerphone. 

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When conference technology manufacturers design solutions to use the full range of human hearing, they reduce the cognitive fatigue people experience. Using the full spectrum of human hearing helps meeting participants differentiate sounds so they use less brainpower to discern similar words and understand unfamiliar accents. The result is better comprehension, which enables productivity and allows people to feel more relaxed and less stressed. But to truly enable realistic, natural audio, the conference phone must do more.

When we converse face-to-face, we often speak at the same time. Our brains filter out background noises such as air conditioning and rustling paper, and we automatically compensate for people who speak quietly or loudly. To be effective, conference phones have to filter out noise and remove other artifacts caused by the distance between locations and people projecting at different volumes. Furthermore, the conference phone should mitigate those eerie silences that cause us to waste time asking “are you still there?”. The right conference phone can solve all of these problems.

With video conferencing on the rise, the complex science of audio cannot be underestimated. Poor audio quality will turn great video into a bad experience. Even with powerful enterprise networks and software applications, audio problems can persist.

Meeteasy, a famous audio conference device brand name, continues to build on its standing as one of the world’s leading and fastest growing suppliers of audio conference phones and hands-free conference speakerphones. With strong development team in Shenzhen, China, and over 1000 distributors around the world, Meeteasy develops manufactures and markets a broad range of conference phones, teleconference bridges, wireless speakerphones for mobile users and corded speakerphones for home and office-based users. Meeteasy’s business activities also include its original equipment manufacturing (OEM) business to a wide range of global customers.

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