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What is a conference phone and why use a conference phone?

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Conference phones are mainly used to initiate and hold conference calls, which enable multiple callers to listen or talk on the same call. Nowadays, more and more companies prefer to choose conference phone instead of common telephone. In a conference call, the host participants typically run the call with a conference phone, while remote participants dial in to a number that connects them to a conference bridge that links the various telephone lines together.

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Under a busy work environment, face-to-face meetings aren’t always possible or the best use of colleagues and employees time. With a conference phone set up, many meetings can be conducted as professional audio conferences instead and also providing a time-saving and cost-effective alternative to traditional meetings.


Ways to increase productivity and improve efficiency are even more important for smaller teams. Conference calls are frequently used for business meetings and some big professional reports, and are also commonly paired with Web conferences for online presentations and sharing documents.


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