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Opportunity review in conference phone market

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The conference phone market is still experiencing a growth trend. In fact, analysts project that audio conference phone sales will continue to increase year-over-year and may reach up to $500 million in U.S. sales by 2017. This positive trend represents opportunities to act now and gain more business.


There are many elements contribute to the current opportunities in the conference phone market.


Increasing Globalization

The world today really is a smaller place with companies being truly global.

  • Off-shoring efforts in the past few years have accelerated this trend. When you factor in the wide variety of languages and accents included in these calls, the need for pristine call quality becomes more important than ever before.
  • Voice conferencing is one of the most critical elements of group communication across borders. Excellent voice quality is essential for ensuring that everyone can clearly hear and be heard and so that productivity is improved and participants have a seamless, natural communications experience—no matter where they are located


An Expanding Remote Workforce

  • As companies expand their workforce to include more telecommuting and home-office workers, the same productivity tools used in the office are also expected to be available remotely. Increasing Awareness and Requirements in Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs)
  • Polycom’s conference phone features, including excellent sound quality, will reflect the professionalism of the SMB regardless of their size and scale with customers. A Transition to VoIP • With the latest VoIP technology offering stability, enterprise-quality, and greater availability, companies of all sizes are revisiting and upgrading their entire telecom infrastructure.


Business Growth

With the conference phone market experiencing continued growth in 2016, now is the time to take advantage of the opportunities and gain more business.


Audio conferencing market revenue


Meeteasy continues to innovate, develop, and introduce conference phones that meet the requirements of the changing business landscape while also maximizing other technology enhancements such as increased IP bandwidth. These developments provide Meeteasy partners with the business opportunity while offering your customers the opportunity to benefit from the many enhancements.

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